We exists today primarily for two reasons, and the first reason is to reach caregivers who are caring for a terminally ill love one and the patient has an immediate medical need. Secondly, if you are struggling with the burden of carrying the financial load alone SHF was created specifically with you in mind because your situation is unique than most cases in our society.

So you are probably thinking... where do I sign up or what are the qualifications?

  1. The patient currently does not qualify for Medicare and/or Medicaid.
  2. The patient never joined the Military or Armed forces.
  3. The patient is not old enough to receive Senior citizens benefits.

These are the three main components of why we want to be the resource you use in order to get you the help that is so greatly needed. You do not have to secretly survive alone or avoid medical treatments because you lack the sufficient income.   

  • We will be the hands to find the resources you need so you don’t have to do it alone.
  • We will be the heart that cares about providing the best professional service to you and your love one.
  • We will handle each family delicately and be sensitive to your needs and treat you as a person and not a case number.
  • Give us a call or send an email and we will respond within 24 hours.


Survivor's Heart Vision

Our vision is to provide resource services to those who are in need of financial support and need assistance in paying medical expenses for love ones.

We plan to accomplish this by networking and partnering with doctors, hospitals, charities and other organizations that will help fund 50 and up to 100% of patients medical bills based on their income and other requirements.

We are primarily focusing our attention on the terminally ill from ages 35 to 55 years old that currently do not receive military benefits or do not qualify for Medicare and/or Medicaid.

For more information, questions and ways to contact us send email inquiries and we will respond within 24 hours. Please do not submit any medical records, social securities numbers or private information because this is prohibited.